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However, tagging a PDF can be a complex task

jsPDF If you want to make HTML code readable, you should look no further than jsPDFThis open source library provides a comprehensive list of features and options to help you generate PDF files from your HTML content

.epub to pdf

Whether you're building a small application or creating a website for your local business, jsPDF can deliverUsing jsPDF, you can create multi-page PDFs from single-page HTML markupIt also provides a nice array of custom properties and settings for you to play with

.epub to pdf

You can set the font and margin sizes, and even provide a reference to the source HTMLThere are many ways to turn HTML into a PDF file, but one of the easiest and quickest is using the native browser print functionality

.epub to pdf

However, this doesn't come with the same professional looking results

The jsPDF library has a number of plugins that add even more control to the processSome of the more advanced features include the ability to create and sign PDF files, sync with cloud services, and even offer a paperlike effect

When you first start scanning documents, you might find the process overwhelmingBut with the right app, you can quickly get the job done

One of the most useful features of the best iPhone PDF scanner apps is the ability to edit imagesYou can use a basic set of editing tools such as striking through text and adding sticky notes to the pages

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